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"Ethnellas Polmo"
(Caropsyne: "The Foundations of The World")
Capital Gomosc
Largest City Gomosc
Official Languages Standard Caropsyne
  • Premier
  • Chair of the Fostana
  • Interior Minister
Democracy/Constutional Monarchy
Dr. Phodric Dormond
Rolmand, Lord Roth
Dr. Haldric Maldian
Formation 5650 Years PTE (Lindite Conquest)
(6730 Years PTE (Formation of Gingar))
 • Total
 • Water (%)

75.466 mi diameter. (06 Apr. 05)
 • Civilians
 • Military

13,450,000 (06 Apr. 05)
67,000 Naval(06 Apr. 05)
National Anthem Theomem
National Animal Horse
  • Gross Individual
  • After Taxes

Literacy Rate: 99.8% )
Currency 1 Caropsyne Standard Credit ($) = 100 Tributes
 • Strategic Indutries
(April 5th, 2005)
Oil, Coal, Textiles
Sugar, Copper, Lead, Tin,
Rubber, Chemicals, Plastics, Fertilisers

Doruum-Cason is an island situated approximately 39 miles off the coast of Mainland Carops and is considered part of the Caropsyne Pontanore. It is fairly flat and temperate, with a similar climate to that of the mainland. Doruum-Cason is the largest single island attached to Thearea and is linked to the continent via regular ferry services to Tethgess, Kimmlish, and Ariatra. Work on a land bridge linking Doruum-Cason, which was due to be constructed at the beginning of this year, has been abandoned due to spiralling costs. Doruum-Cason is home to just over 13 million people, making it one of the largest component areas of Carops, although it is not officially part of the Kingdom of Carops.

[edit] History

Doruum-Cason was first settler by Muin peoples who may have been attempting to escape famine on the mainland. The island, which is vaguely visible from the Tethgess Coast, was the subject of much of Muin mythology as the home of various deities. However, the settling of the island, it became a part of the wider Muin civilisation which encompassed much of the area of modern-day Carops.

Muin history in Doruum-Cason was cut shorter than elsewhere in Carops, as the island was the first area of the Caropsyne area to be settled by the Pelsai maritime invasion of the late muin period. The Pelsai arrived in Doruum-Cason some 30 years before venturing onto mainland Carops and left a deep and lasting impression on the land. The Pelsai occupation of Doruum-Cason and the subsequent years of cohabitation with the Muin resulted in a unique interbred population, which although similar to that of mainland Carops at the same time, was the only such population to successfully survive the Lindite invasions.

Following the fall of Unified Carops, and the Lindite occupation of mainland Carops, Doruum-Cason was left isolated from the rest of the nation. As a result, Doruum-Cason became a stronghold of Pelsai nationalism and retained its Pelsai hierarchy and government. It was governed as a wholly separate state until many years later, when it was finally incorporated into Carops during the reign of King Heth II.

Today, Doruum-Cason is the centre of Carops' largest naval base and operations centre. The Imperial Thearean Fleet is based near Gormo. The Pelsai community in Doruum-Cason has officially been recognised as the indigenous population and has had its language and cultures protected by the Pontiana during the term of Dr. Phodric Dormond.

[edit] Politics

Doruum-Cason is a nominal Administrative Division of Carops. As such, despite not being part of Carops, it does not have its own government. The Administrative Capital of the Island is Gomosc, however Doruum-Cason is divided into six administrative sub-divisions, which each elect local government representatives. National and executive government come from the Pontiana in Fornænda, and the Pontissiano (Leader of the Pontiana) is the Head of Government of Doruum-Cason. The two most popular parties in Doruum-Cason currently are:

  • The Moderate Party of Carops
  • The Pelsai Party

Local issues such as education and the protection of Pelsai history and customs were sighted as the most important factors in political support on the island. Two thirds of Doruum-Cason's population stated that they were "Disappointed" with the island's healthcare infrastructure, which is deemed "inadequate" by the Pontiana Health Committee and is awaiting an expensive rehaul.

[edit] Administrative Divisions

There are six Administrative Sub-Divisions in Doruum-Cason, as Doruum-Cason is an Administrative sub-division itself.

  1. Gomosc (Authority Centre:Gomosc)
  2. Gormo (Authority Centre:Gormo)
  3. Santimari (Authority Centre: Forello)
  4. Casmona (Authority Centre:Gasimar)
  5. Ilmo (Authority Centre:Frennos)
  6. Fermas (Authority Centre:Fermas)

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